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Newsletter #3

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The year 2024 opens with incredible steps forward for Treasure Hunt: targeting university and VET students, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to develop or upgrade their skills and expertise in the agritourism field, Erasmus+ project partners have continued to work assiduously to produce the right training tools to undertake this change.

Big announcement! Between May and September 2024, Trainings for young entrepreneurs in agritourism will take place, with an exchange of students and young participants across all partner countries (Sweden, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, and Italy) in a collaborative atmosphere for exchange of good practices. Each of these activities will serve as a test case for the training materials and social platform: participants will have a valuable exchange opportunity abroad with practical workshops, face-to-face sessions, interactive materials, resources and study visits that will provide the knowledge and skills needed in the field of entrepreneurship.

For participants, there will also be an opportunity to embark on a Green Travel, a method of reaching the destination through sustainable travel that focuses on minimizing the impact on the local environment and communities, reducing carbon emissions and waste, through alternative means of transportation other than air such as trains or boats.

Keep following the project channels and your national partner to stay updated on exchange opportunities, applications for participation will open soon!

Next, you can register through the website for the Social Learning Platform: an online training on agritourism that will take you along 6 modules full of educational content, case studies, best practices, videos and interactive assessment exercises at the end of which you will obtain the Treasure Hunt course completion certificate and have developed self-reflection and other personal development skills related to agritourism entrepreneurship in order to start a new business or improve an existing one.

Following this, the English for agritourism self-study guide is being developed and finalized, a training tool accessible online specifically dedicated to basic English language proficiency, an indispensable skill for the relevant market and business sector. Along with the glossary of useful technical agritourism terms, interactive listening, speaking, reading, writing and vocabulary exercises will be available.

In recent months, the world has been hit by the Artificial Intelligence revolution, which inevitably affected the first draft of the self-paced English training tool, which is now developing further with the implementation of AI Tools such as voice-synthesized audio and text-to-speech and speech-to-text transcription among others.

To conclude, the consortium continuously engages in promoting the Treasure Hunt project online through its Facebook page and in-person: during the week of October 16-20, 2023, the partner from Greece, Innoved, had the opportunity to host an event during which the project was presented to university students and stakeholders.

To stay updated on the Erasmus+ Treasure Hunt project, exchange opportunities, available tools and newsletters, visit the Treasure Hunt website and Facebook page.

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