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Ecological awareness on holiday

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You’ve been waiting for it for one whole year, sometimes more.
The time has come!
The tide is turning!
Your suitcases are packed.
It’s vacation time!
So, off you go!

Here is a cheklist to make your vacation more enjoyable and your travel more sustainable.

Before leaving the house, make sure you close all electrical appliances from their central switch. Remember: Stand by devices continue to consume power.
If you have decided to travel to remote destinations, prefer eco-friendly means such as the train or ship, rather than car and plane.
If you have an option, fly with an airline that issues e-tickets, saving paper, although most airlines nowadays issue online tickets!
If the temperature has not exceeded 35 °C and your are traveling by car, crack the car window open and save on air-conditioning.
Do not throw lit cigarettes out of the car and do not light fire for any reason in a forest area, near trees and dry grass.
If there is a ceiling fan or air-conditioning unit in the hotel room, use the fan and drop the A/C!
For your walks in nature, take a bike. The sensational and hassle free means of transportation that guarantees long rides rich in sightseeing and experiences.
Electric scooters may seem environmentally friendly, but their batteries still have to be charged, so they are using energy and thus have a significant carbon footprint.
Be thrifty on water consumption, especially in places where water is a valuable resource in short supply, such as on the islands.
Reuse body and face towels. This reduces the volume of unwashed clothes and ultimately the uses of the washing machine. Insist on this even when you stay in a hotel. You ask for towels or sheets to change, only when you judge it.
Spend time with locals and try the local food! In addition to being delicious and nutritious, there is less transportation for the food to get to your plate.
Never forget to pay your respect to the places you visit and the environment.
Collect the trash from the forests or beaches you visit, even if it’s not yours!
You will be proud of yourself when you get back home!

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